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Currently staking: 0,0000 XTZ
Free capacity: 608.114,8823 XTZ



Frequently Asked Questions


How to delegate?

To delegate your XTZ to Staked, please use the following address: tz1TgvirXEwVJPg1cCrxT9zFubdzw7Ng6Ke9

Go to your wallet and move your XTZ to a KT address and then use the address above to delegate them to Tezosmoon.

Be aware that we do not pay out delegates to stakes below 1000 XTZ.

Are my XTZ safe?

Yes, Tezosmoon cannot spend your XTZ, and your stake is never at risk. When you delegate to us, you do not transfer your XTZ to our wallet. That means we are only staking the XTZ on behalf of you.

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